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The Group particularly relies on its human resources, in order to achieve its corporate targets, since its employees’ knowhow is one of its competitive advantages. The main principle of the Group’s modern human-centred philosophy is to attract, retain and form professionals with enthusiasm, a strong sense of responsibility, creativity and a joint vision for the future.

Our aim is for our personnel to comprise talented people who bring energy, creativity and inspiration to our common goals, stand out for their respect for our principles and values, and actively participate in the daily effort to ensure the Company’s success in a highly demanding and ever-changing field.

The provision of a safe working environment, which also encourages employees and treats them with respect, providing equal opportunities to all, is a priority for us.

Our relationships with employees are based on the principle of equal treatment. Both the integration as well as the progress of each employee within the Company are evaluated based on their qualifications, performance and potential, without any discrimination.

Employees’ training is a steady priority for us, so that each employee can have the proper knowledge and experience to be able to fulfil their role more effectively and develop their skills.

We promote and support our people’s lifelong learning and development through modern and flexible educational programmes.

At the same time, we evaluate and recognise our staff’s effort and performance, offering incentives to reward performance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable working environment, and showing respect for the balance between professional and personal life.

We envision the future and we want to share it with our human resources, through trusting relationships that we build and develop with them.