Corporate Governance

SIDMA Bulgaria applies the Principles of Corporate Governance, as defined by the current legal framework, with the aim of transparency and responsible operation of the Company in all areas of its activity.

Sustainable Development

The company has placed at the center of its business activity, the active contribution and substantial promotion of sustainable development. Supporting the Bulgarian economy, ensuring a safe and fair working environment, reducing the impact of its activities on the environment, the production of energy from renewable sources (RES), are some of the Company’s initiatives to ensure sustainable development.

Customer-centric approach

Our goal is to always have the preference of our customers, understanding their needs and responding immediately to them, fulfilling our commitments, offering innovative solutions with high quality products and services, at competitive prices.

Commitment to quality

We utilize a modern steel service center for processing of steel coils. Our slitting capacity for cold rolled and galvanized steel is from 0.4 to 3.0 with where we achieve a minimum strip width of 20 mm.

We offer the most precise cutting of cold rolled, galvanized, and hot rolled coils in Bulgaria. The dimensions we process are between 0.4 and 6.0 mm. with maximum coil width of 2000 mm.

Oriented to provide high quality products and services, short delivery times and immediate response to potential complaints. This promotes relative customer satisfaction and thus improves the corresponding commitment.

In this context, we implement, in all our facilities and processes, a Quality Management System certified in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2015.

Indicative Projects / Applications