SIDMA Bulgaria EAD is a daughter company of SIDMA S.A. The mother company is a leading Greek company in the field of trading and industrial processing of steel products. It operates integrated Steel Service Centers in both Athens and Thessaloniki.

SIDMA has a long tradition, experience and know-how in steel trading and processing. Flexibility, reliability and the development of long-term ties with customers and suppliers have been SIDMA’s guiding principles since the Group was founded in 1931.

The company’s trading and processing activity focuses on three main product categories, distinguished by shape: flat products, long products and panels. SIDMA has a strategic relationship with the SIDENOR Group, Greece’s largest producer of long steel products, both in terms of ownership and commercially, through the distribution of select SIDENOR products in the Greek, Bulgarian and Romanian markets.

SIDMA, as a supplier of high-quality goods and services and through its extensive and fully organized sales system, maintains its leading position in the market.



In 1931 the company is founded in Thessaloniki.


1950-1990  The commercial activity of the company is expanded to all of Greece, having another Steel Service Center based in Athens, and leading the local market in steel.


The first cut-to-length line is installed. The company launches its processing activity.


SIDMA acquires HELSIDER S.A., the oldest Greek Steel Service Center, based in Aspropyrgos.


SIDMA merges with KAL S.A., a company trading and processing flat steel products.


SIDMA joins forces with SIDENOR S.A.


SIDMA obtains control of the newly formed company PANELCO S.A., which engages in the production of polyurethane steel sandwich panels.


The company is listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.


Activity is expanded to Romania and Bulgaria.


In 2007 the construction of 3 new Steel Service Centers, in Inofita, Bucharest and Sofia, is completed.


SIDMA acquires its subsidiary PANELCO.


Contribution of the Metallurgical sector of BITROS METALLURGICAL SA to SIDMA

Vision and Goals

We want to retain our leading position in the steel market and to acquire one of the top positions in the Balkan market.

We want to be the preferred choice of our customers because we understand their needs and respond to them immediately, living up to our commitments, offering innovative solutions with top quality products and services at competitive prices.

We want to ensure all the above by working together as a team with top level executives and partners, in a safe working environment that offers opportunities for moving up the corporate ladder and developing knowledge and skills.

Within the broader society, we want to be an exemplary company that combines tradition and integrity with ongoing development and progress. We want to be distinguished for being sensitive to humans and making an effort to improve our social environment.