Integrity Hotline

To raise a concern or issue related to our company that is not in line with our Business Practices use our Integrity Hotline page.
Individuals have the right to remain anonymous when reporting a concern or issue.

Our Company is committed to fostering a culture of honesty, transparency, and accountability which requires the highest possible standards of professional and ethical conduct from all employees and business partners. To solidify wrongdoing prevention, unethical and criminal behavior, we want to make sure that anybody with suspicion about ethical issues relating to our company’s operations can raise a concern (anonymously if desired) without the fear of retaliation.

To that end, we have established a collaboration with an independent, externally hosted whistleblowing hotline system (IntegrityLine) to make it easier and safer to report a concern.

Why to report?
The IntegrityLine platform exists to receive reports via the internet. We strive to respond to any misconduct report quickly and confidentially. We are committed to always doing business with the highest ethical standards. In doing so, we strive to be a great place to work, be good corporate citizens, and drive value for our shareholders.

What to report?
Any concern or suspicion that involves inappropriate, unethical, or illegal behavior, which has a risk to others such as our employees, business partners, the environment, or any matter of public interest.

This could include any matters such as:

  • corruption
  • bribery
  • conflicts of interests
  • fraud
  • harassment and discrimination
  • occupational health and safety
  • environmental pollution
  • anti-competitive practices
  • personal data violations

Who can report?

  • employees,
  • business partners
  • anybody that either has knowledge or has been made aware of information involving inappropriate, unethical, or illegal behavior related to our company’s operations
  • anybody that suspects harm to the public’s interest related to our company’s operations

How to report?
To raise a whistleblowing concern and make a report you can contact IntegrityLine Platform by clicking here.
Whichever way you choose to contact IntegrityLine Portal, you will be given a unique case number which you must keep safely to receive feedback.

Reports are entered directly on the IntegrityLine Portal secure server to prevent any possible breech in security. IntergityLine Portal makes these reports available only to the Chief Compliance Officer who is responsible for evaluating the report, based on the type of violation and location of the incident.

We act with integrity in everything we do. We trust each other to do our best and to be individually responsible for our work while interacting in a respectful and professional manner. We have a collective drive for excellence and are constantly thinking of new and innovative ways to do things.

regulatory compliance

The main mission of regulatory compliance is the establishment and implementation of appropriate and updated policies and procedures, with the aim of achieving full and continuous compliance of the Company with the applicable regulatory framework in a timely manner and to have at all times a complete picture of the degree of achievement of the purpose his.

In establishing the relevant policies and procedures, the complexity and nature of the Company’s activities, including the development and promotion of new products and business practices, are assessed.

The Compliance Officer has the necessary authority, resources and experience to carry out his duties effectively and efficiently. He has full access to all the information and data of the company necessary for the performance of his duties. The Regulatory Compliance Officer should not be involved in the performance of duties and services that, by the nature of Regulatory Compliance, they are authorized to supervise.

The Compliance Officer reports to the company’s Board of Directors. He may be a full-time and full-time employee who has the appropriate knowledge and relevant professional experience to perform his duties, but this service may be outsourced to third parties.
The Company’s Regulatory Compliance Officer has as his mission the implementation of the policy established by the Company’s Board of Directors, for its compliance with the current legislative and regulatory framework.